Livin' It Up Law School Style

The First Year, They Scare You To Death;
The Second Year, They Work You To Death;
The Third Year, They Bore You To Death.

Glimpses into the oh-so-exciting life of a 3rd year student at LSU Law School



I'm getting so excited about the horse show next month. Today, I was working on making the horse stop cutting the corners of the ring. Takes a lot of outside hand and inside leg. But it feels so good to be in such control of the horse. Yeah, I'm a total control freak.

Today, we're discussing private property rights. The court's getting WAY too lax in enforcing these. Hawaii v. Midkiff was bad, but Kelo v. City of New London was dreadful. I don't care if it's taking from the poor and giving to the rich, it's still redistribution, and not by economic factors. It's BAD. Laissez faire economics may not be perfect, but when it comes to unblighted neighborhoods, that theory should apply. Government taking has its purposes, but the taking shouldn't be just to help developers!

This is not supposed to be the United Socialist States.

People need to take some personal responsibility. If someone doesn't want to sell you their house so you can build a mall, then you'll have to either pay a whole lot more than you wanted to, or build elsewhere. Jeez. It seems so obvious. (And my family's in real estate development, yet I still feel this way. Should tell ya something.)


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