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The Second Year, They Work You To Death;
The Third Year, They Bore You To Death.

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Parking Lot

The law center parking lot is obnoxious. There aren't enough spaces for law students, in great part because the kids from the University Lab School across the street like to use our parking. The other problem is self-centered, self-important law students who park crooked and over the line, and don't have the "time" to back it up and put it in straight. When I drove the giant silver wagon, it was constantly getting hit by people not paying attention. That's one of the reasons I went for my cute little car. It takes up less room, so people hit it less. It's still somewhat ding-ful, and 100% of said dings came from the LSU law lot.

Other than dreading the parking lot, my day's going great. Did my workout this morning, hoping to see even more of a difference. Still a little bummed over being seemingly the last single gal in the world (overexaggeration) and the fact that there aren't even any guys I know who I'm crushin' on but who don't like me back!

I need to watch some old Disney Movies, like Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, and Cinderella. They got their princes; where's mine????


At 6:26 AM, Blogger Steve said...

Yeah, ain't it amazing how some people "park" their vehicles?? Makes you want to pull a Hulk and be able to toss their fookin' car out into the middle of the highway.

At 8:04 AM, Blogger LSULawChick said...

occasionally with them in it. Parking lot stripers forced me to drive up on a curb b/c they kept on coming, I couldn't back up, and b/c of the unnecessary cones they put up where they hadn't yet striped, they were driving 3/4 in my lane.


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