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Gadgets and What-nots

Today, I finally brought my good laptop in to Best Buy for a new hard drive. Hopefully, I'll get it back in a couple of days, then I can enjoy it until it dies again. As is, I'm hoping and praying my older, crappy laptop doesn't crap out on me in the middle of my last exam. I'm almost more worried about that than the exam itself. I get the "blue screen of death" with alarming frequency, but nobody's been able to find anything wrong with it other than old age. And before you start calling me a spoiled brat for having 2 laptops, must I remind you that I am physically handicapped and it's hard for me to sign my name much less take notes by hand. If I'm laptopless, I don't get to write. C'est la vie, and I'm getting used to it, but I'd sell your mom to be able to hand-write again.

My printer has given up the ghost for the time being, but I'm hoping Darrell can fix it. He's the technology guru, and he's like 6'6" or something so he can change my a/c filters and lightbulbs when he comes over. Thank the Lord he lives just down the street - I don't know what I'd do without him!

Oh, and I got a cute little digicam on sale. It's a 5.1 megapixel Nikon that fits in my pocket and was on sale. Did I mention it was on sale? I love Nikons, by the way. I have an ancient Nikon F (like late 1960s) SLR that I use for my real photography, but I like having a digicam for snapshots and taking out places. And those waterproof funsavers ROCK for whitewater rafting trips! I really want to do the Chattooga IV again, and the Nantahala Outdoor Center's doing a new river for the first time this year - the Cheoah or something like that. It's been dammed for decades, but not it's run-able. I wanna do it!

And I'm really scared of the exam tomorrow. Really, really, really scared!


At 8:59 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sweetie, you will ace that damn exam.

And your old laptop will come through for you.

After the exam is over, then it will die, knowing it gave its all, just for you.

*Taps playing in the background*

At 5:03 AM, Anonymous Emperor Palpatine said...

I'm sure you will do just fine, dearie


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