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The First Year, They Scare You To Death;
The Second Year, They Work You To Death;
The Third Year, They Bore You To Death.

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Well, yesterday I finally buckled down and decided to lose the pesky "Katrina 20." I'd ordered Turbo Jam, and it's a BLAST! Anyone who likes aerobics and kickboxing workouts would probably find it a lot of fun. My goal is to lose at least 4" off my waist, at least 4-5" off my hips, 1-2" off each thigh, and the entirety of my love handles.

Wish me luck!


At 10:21 AM, Blogger Aleli said...

good look with that!!!..tell me if it woks!..i would like to do it to!!!:P...take care!

At 9:32 PM, Anonymous B.C. said...

Hon, there ain't gonna be anything left of you! You already fit inside a coffee can! ;)

At 8:50 AM, Blogger Deathknyte said...

I second BC's commment.

At 3:43 PM, Anonymous Emperor Palpatine said...

I third it....

At 1:15 AM, Blogger delftsman3 said...

And I fourth it! Stella, you don't need to do anything but keep as toned as you are. (gotta keep the arm strength up to wield those Turtles 0'Doomâ„¢!

At 2:47 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


I've been to the pub and I'm d-r-a-w-n-k!



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