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Casual Friday

I had a great birthday, and can't wait to do it again next year, haha! My friend Ginger baked me a cake, and it was delicious. We also went for a drive with the top down (the SLK's hers, not mine) through some of my favourite residential neighborhoods in Baton Rouge. Real estate is one of my greatest loves in life, and I like to fantasize about the house I'd get if I get offered a permanent job here in Baton Rouge when I finish up with law school.

And some good news on the getting a job a year from now thing - I made it on the Chancellor's List for the second semester in a row! That's basically the equivalent of the Dean's List for those of you who go to "normal" school.

I still can't believe I got "A's" in my two hardest courses - Federal Courts and Income Tax. That's probably because those two exams TERRIFIED me, so I really buckled down and studied harder than I ever have in my life.

Today's casual day at work. I've been informed I have to wear jeans - no suits! And I'm still having a lot of trouble calling the lawyers by their first names - they're adults, and you call adults "Mr."! Yeah, I still see myself as a teenybopper, if it isn't obvious.

Well, Bob's throwing himself at the door, so I should probably go pay attention to him. Have a nice day!


At 5:38 AM, Anonymous Emperor palpatine said...

Congratulations on the Chancellor's list.

I'm glad you had a good birthday. I certainly hope you keep having more birthdays as well!

*Stella in jeans...mmmmmmmm*


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