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5 Classes Down ...

My wireless internet connection is providing me with a super suckfest, and has been since the big storm this past weekend. I keep moving my little receiver around the room. Right now, it's sitting on a pile of Nain rug which is on top of a daybed, and it's apparently not working again.

I turned in my Legal Professions/Professional Responsibility/Ethics/Whatever Else Ya Wanna Call It exam about 2 hours ago. It was a take-home exam, and it was open book. If I don't do well, I'm probably defective. Someone should order a recall on me.

That means I've totally finished 5 of my 6 classes. My first exam was Federal Income Tax I, and it was a giant beast. I'll get my grade for that on Monday, though my professor assures me I did fine. I won't believe it until I see it. The second was Maritime Personal Injuries. The professor already posted grades, and even though it was one of the most conceptually difficult courses I've taken in my over 20 years of schooling, I totally kicked booty! 4th in my class! *throws self a mini-party*. The next exam was Business Associations I. That was a doozy because of the sheer volume of material. My condensed outline was over 90 pages long, single-spaced and 12 point Times New Roman. If it takes the professor half as long to grade the exams as I spent studying for that one, I expect to see a grade sometime around when the sun goes Supernova. Still, no matter how I did, that was by far one of my favourite classes. Partnerships, Corporations, Sole Proprietorships, LLCs, LLPs, LPs, Partnerships in Commendam, etc. are all super duper interesting as far as I'm concerned. Have I ever mentioned that I'm a sucker for the details?

But, you might say, that's only four exams, four classes, and you said you were done with five of six! Indeed I did, because International Criminal Law was a paper seminar class. I wrote an essay something over 40 pages with close to 200 footnotes on Forced Disappearance of Persons as an International Criminal Law Issue. I also did an hour-long powerpoint presentation on the subject. It was really fascinating, and I intend to continue researching the subject in my "spare time" if I ever have any.

That leaves me with Federal Courts to go. It's a HUGE volume of material. I mean HUGE. It covers everything from in personam jurisdiction to Sec. 1983 actions to the multiple abstention doctrines. If you want your eyes to roll back in your head as you foam at the mouth, I'll explain the difference between Thibodeaux abstention and Colorado River abstention. What do you mean, you don't care? You should, dammit.

If it's not obvious, right now I'm taking a little break from studying. I'm reaching the point of complete and total burn out merged with fundamental emotional and physical exhaustion. That's why Cinco de Mayo is gonna kick so much @$$. My last exam will be over by early afternoon on Friday, after which I'm headin' to Serrano's for margaritas, after which I'm headin' to the last TGIF of the year at Fred's.

Some day, I really have to blog about The Fred's Experience. For now, I'll just leave it at there's a professionally-stuffed moose back-end mounted on the wall. Let your imaginations go wild, and then I'll explain later why your imaginations were just not up to picturing the marvel that is The Fred's Experience.

Maybe I'll take pictures Friday night, if I'm sober enough to remember which end of the camera is up.


At 1:34 PM, Anonymous Emperor Palpatine said...

Too bad I won't be around to help you party.

At 1:35 PM, Anonymous Emperor palpatine said...

'Cept I don't think I could keep with you, so it's just as well

At 1:38 PM, Blogger LSULawChick said...

if you can't keep up, you're always welcome to be bitch ... er, designated driver

At 8:30 AM, Anonymous Emperor palpatine said...

I am NOT your beyotch, beyotch!

At 8:58 AM, Blogger Steve said...

Children, children! Behave yourselves! Don't make me come back there . . .

At 9:17 AM, Blogger LSULawChick said...

But you could be my beyotch, beyotch! And whatchoo gonna do about it, geezerbritches?

At 9:40 AM, Anonymous Emperor Palpatine said...

Sorry darlin', I ain't-a gonna be your beyotch... I think that's geezerbitch's job

At 12:44 PM, Blogger LSULawChick said...

But geezerbitch is all old and defective! I bet he couldn't get me to more than 3 parties in one evening without wussing out!


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